7 Tips For Creating Impressive Real Estate Signs

Some businesses like real estate depend heavily on word-of-mouth advertising. Current or previous clients tell their friends and families about the agent and the company and then those friends and family members turn into new clients. Thanks to these referrals offered by satisfied customers, the agency grows and expands with the assistance of the people they serve.

But what if your marketing strategy as an agent is to capitalize on word of mouth referrals while also generating leads on your own? If that’s the case – then you might be looking into signage options to generate interest in your listings.

Here are some ways you can create impressive real estate signs & help your listings stand out.

1: Time

Time is a consideration when aiming to use your signs in the most effective way. Try to have the signs up and installed in advance or as soon as you have access to your listing. Another thing to remember – use your “Under Contract”, “Pending” and “Sold” riders strategically so that the community can get an idea of how effectively you work.

  1. Place Your Signs Strategically

Naturally, your sign looks better in an aesthetically pleasing environment. Make sure that the yard your sign is placed is well-maintained. For better or for worse, people will associate your sign with the yard they see it in. 

  1. Leverage Directional Signs

A directional sign pointing to the property is just as important as the for sale sign! Make sure you have easy to read pointers leading to the house to get interested buyers there as soon as possible!

  1. Your image is as good as your sign

You need high-quality graphics and designs if you want to end up with a high-quality sign. Poor visual design could drag down your sign even if the quality of the materials are top notch. Find someone who is good at mixing colors and fonts as well as balancing sign elements. Our project managers and designers are also capable of creating a custom logo or bringing your vision to life.

  1. Give an action step

Make sure that you clearly outline the action you want your target client to take. Are they supposed to call you or can they just show up? Should they text you about the home or visit a website. Whatever you want the viewers to do, make it obvious!

  1. Provide a way to get in touch

Make sure to provide multiple ways of contact on your signs. Emails (if they are short / easy enough), websites and most importantly the phone number should be as large and as visible as possible.

  1. Be memorable and brand oriented

Craft your real estate signage to be visually and verbally memorable. If you have a slogan – consider putting that on your sign. Using the same verbiage across your branding helps the community recognize you and what you stand for. If you’re using a photo or logo – use the same one consistently across your advertising and marketing channels.

To learn more about our real estate signs and commercial real estate – check out our real estate page. Signarama Louisville East now offers an e-commerce site to quickly order and customize signs. Check out all our listings here!



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