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Channel Letters – A Compelling First Impression

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channel letters

You have many choices when it comes to signage for your business. You want a sign that will make a compelling impact and a great first impression. The sign you choose for your business should also reflect the attitude and environment of your business, and channel letter signs are a great choice to create all of these things. Channel letter signs are a sophisticated and popular choice for signs as well as a sign that is easily regulated through many permitting offices!

There are a variety of channel letter options but two of our standard and most commonly used are:

Standard Channel Letters:

A graphic sign that is three-dimensional and is fabricated from sheet metal. We prefer aluminum because it will not rust, holds up well in the elements and can be easily shaped to fit your brand, font and logo. The faces of the letters are fabricated with acrylic that can be a standard white or the color of your brand. Channel letters can also be painted and fitted with various types of lighting – but we prefer LED’s!

Reverse Channel Letters:

Many high scale businesses use this option for channel letter signs. The letters themselves are not lit but the LED lights illuminate the surface behind the sign and call attention to the lettering. The back lighting can be a wide variety of colors and when lit at night, creates a halo effect that draws the eye to the sign.

Contact us today and ask about the beauty and functionality of our channel letter signs for your business. Our team of project managers and designers will listen to your needs and create a channel sign perfect for your business.

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