Educational signage can convey many messages. Whether the signage is for the students, teachers, staff or visitors – signage is vital in schools. Having clear and easily understood educational signage can help your school look and feel like a professional and safe space for learning as well as creating good impressions on potential new students and their families.

Types of Signs

Monument Signs

Monument signs are at the entrance to the school and located near the front entrance. These signs announce the name of the school and often include the school’s logo, mascot or colors. These are very customizable and a great way to demonstrate school pride. As the first thing someone sees when entering the school property – they should be welcoming and honest to the brand!

Wayfinding Signage

Once your visitor has passed the front entrance – it is important that you direct them to where they need to be. Whether they are visiting the front office, parking or picking up students, way-finding signs make the day-to-day functions run smoothly and explain how visitors can find the area they are looking for. Additional way-finding signs inside can direct teachers and students to their classrooms, libraries, restrooms, cafeterias and more!

Positive Behavior & Learning Signage

This type of signage is aimed toward students and creating a collective environment around the core values that they are expected to uphold. These signs are usually colorful, eye-catchy and easy to read. Some examples of this would be wall graphics in the cafeteria or along the hallways, custom floor and stair graphics, inspirational quotes, window perf and more!

While these are just a few examples of the role that signs play in schools – it is imperative to keep in mind that room numbers, restroom signs, accessibility signs and more must be constructed with the ADA guidelines in mind. The Americans for Disabilities Act has built sign standards that are inclusive and accessible for everyone. These guidelines include but are not limited to the addition of Braille, sign size, font size, font type and more!