9 Ways To Make The Most Of your Glass Surfaces With Vinyl Graphics:


  1. Use a compelling call-to-action: a message that prompts an immediate response can turn casual window shoppers into paying customers
  2. Incorporate eye-catchy imagery: big, bold window graphics will let passers by know the name of your business, sale or brand
  3. Provide a measure of privacy: an etched glass vinyl treatment or window perf can be an attractive way to ensure privacy and enhance branding
  4. Add a touch of class to glass: designs on clear vinyl can provide a subtle touch of branding to upscale establishments
  5. Explore new ways to brand: frosted, etched-vinyl graphics are a creative way to showcase your corporate identity without the use of colors.
  6. Highlight your logo: opaque vinyl graphics in a large size are a “can’t miss” way to display your logo to potential clients. They are however, not see-through so you have total protection to the inside of your storefront
  7. Show visitors the way: when used indoors or outdoors, window films can support your wayfinding, give company information such as hours or safety measures that must be taken
  8. Go with an attractive design: use graphics to enhance your decor. If you are renovating, graphics are great to tell clients what is coming or shield them from the construction views.
  9. Consider a one-way treatment: perforated window graphics showcase your message to those who are looking in while shopping peering out to get a clear view. Window perf can be printed in vibrant full color as they come in white rolls.