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Sometimes you need something that pops out in broad daylight and nighttime to catch a customer’s eye. Our custom-made channel letter signs are one of the best options for businesses and public buildings seeking exterior signage.

Channel letters are a type of dimensional letter often used on store fronts and other large buildings. They are 3-dimensional and usually consist of an acrylic front with a contrasting trim (or body) of the letter.

The bold contrast can make more muted colors like black and white as eye-catching as something louder. One of the more famous examples of a business using channel lettering is Starbucks, which is able to do a lot with a little color. There are even illuminated channel letter options such as LED, helping your customers locate your business no matter what time of day.

Channel Letter Installation

Our channel letters can be easily mounted to a building. For an easier installation, we can also mount each individual letter to a raceway. The completed raceway containing all of the letters is then installed as one piece to the building front. You can choose between illuminated or non-illuminated channel letters.

We recommend illuminated channel letters for buildings that operate during the nighttime as well, like a restaurant or a bar. No matter your choice, your business is sure to stand out with our custom channel lettering work. If you want signage that manages to pop out throughout the whole day (and night as well), we’ve got you covered.

Reverse Channel Letter Signs

With Reverse Channel letters the actual letters themselves are not lit, but the LED lights illuminate the surface behind the sign and call attention to the lettering. Reverse lighting creates a halo effect really draws the eye to the sign at night, and is one of the more popular choices for channel letter sign lighting.

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