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A monument sign sits at eye-level and is usually constructed from stone, brick, or stucco. Why do so many businesses use monument signs? Their versatility and sophistication are among the major reasons. Let’s explore 3 benefits of monuments that enable businesses to successfully display their information.

Monument signs have two components: the masonry component and the signage component. Since monument signs can be constructed from stone, brick, or stucco – many businesses take advantage of this and create a sign that matches the architecture of the building they reside.

Monument signs also have the option of being illuminated or non-illuminated. This specification can be determined by the zoning regulations in an area but also customer preference. Non-illuminated sign options include carved PVC signs, dimensional letters which are mounted to the monuments masonry or standard aluminum panels with a digital print. In order for the sign to be illuminated – a custom cabinet will need to be constructed with plexiglass faces!

Since monuments are low to the ground – they are not recommended for businesses  looking for outdoor business signs close to highways. However, if you are in a location with lots of passing car or foot traffic – they can be super eye-catchy especially if landscaping is used to enhance it’s sophistication!

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