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Signarama Louisville-East is a full service local signage company that specializes in manufacturing small and large outdoor business signs in Louisville KY – all in-house! We work with small and large businesses as well as national companies on total re-branding. Advertise your business with the best in vinyl banners, monument signs, custom cabinet signs, channel letter signs and more!

In any physical retail business, outdoor signage is regarded as the most important aspect. Consider that the outdoor business signs direct your customers right to your door. This is what creates the first impression when new customers are looking for your location. Therefore, it is important to ensure that right from the design your outdoor signage is done perfectly.

Make sure that all your outdoor business signs announce who you are and what you do. The outdoor signs should draw in customers to your business and create demand for the services or the goods you are selling! Therefore, to ensure the people who have passed your store severally in the past find your location, you should ensure a proper design that we at Signarama Louisville East can help with!. The outdoor sign should be branded effectively so as to attract attention from new and existing clients.

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Types of Outdoor Signs

Sometimes you need something that pops out in broad daylight and nighttime to catch a customer’s eye. Our custom-made channel letter signs are one of the best options for businesses and public buildings seeking exterior signage.

Channel letters are a type of dimensional letter often used on store fronts and other large buildings. They are 3-dimensional and usually consist of an acrylic front with a contrasting trim (or body) of the letter.

The bold contrast can make more muted colors like black and white as eye-catching as something louder. One of the more famous examples of a business using channel lettering is Starbucks, which is able to do a lot with a little color. There are even illuminated channel letter options such as LED, helping your customers locate your business no matter what time of day.

A monument sign sits at eye-level and is usually constructed from stone, brick, or stucco. Why do so many businesses use monument signs? Their versatility and sophistication are among the major reasons. Let’s explore 3 benefits of monuments that enable businesses to successfully display their information.

Monument signs have two components: the masonry component and the signage component. Since monument signs can be constructed from stone, brick, or stucco – many businesses take advantage of this and create a sign that matches the architecture of the building they reside.

Monument signs also have the option of being illuminated or non-illuminated. This specification can be determined by the zoning regulations in an area but also customer preference. Non-illuminated sign options include carved PVC signs, dimensional letters which are mounted to the monuments masonry or standard aluminum panels with a digital print. In order for the sign to be illuminated – a custom cabinet will need to be constructed with plexiglass faces!

Since monuments are low to the ground – they are not recommended for businesses  looking for outdoor business signs close to highways. However, if you are in a location with lots of passing car or foot traffic – they can be super eye-catchy especially if landscaping is used to enhance it’s sophistication!

Some businesses never sleep. If you need your business to attract attention 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, then look no further than Signarama Louisville East for custom cabinet signs that will be sure to catch the eyes of current and potential customers. Using our outdoor business signs have proven to be among the most effective methods a business can communicate to customers. Whether you run a restaurant or a law firm, you can’t go wrong enlisting Signarama Louisville East for your next custom outdoor business sign design job.

You may be wondering why a business would choose a lightbox or cabinet sign over other types of outdoor business signs. Well, there’s a number of reasons. Our cabinet signs are most popular under business awnings in areas with heavy traffic. Why? Simply put, a lightbox sign makes any business easy to locate from the street or road, day or night. In heavily populated areas, having an eye-catcher in front of your business can do a lot for drawing in customers.

A Pylon sign is a freestanding structure that can be single sided or double sided. Pylon signs can be illuminated using LED or left unilluminated. These signs help alert people in search of your business or just passing by you business location. It is crucial to create a pylon sign that is easy to read and that will catch a motorists attention from a distance. All Signarama Louisville East pylon signs are engineered for all weather conditions. Our graphic designers will work with you to achieve and create just the look you are imagining.

Wayfinding is a comprehensive process developed to familiarize people in a physical space and provide directional assistance to get from Point A to Point B. Messages presented on interior and exterior wayfinding signage minimize a visitor’ natural confusion when navigating a new and unfamiliar facility. Clear and legible messages must be in the right location and visible to all – regardless of language of physical ability.

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