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Wayfinding is a comprehensive process developed to familiarize people in a physical space and provide directional assistance to get from Point A to Point B. Messages presented on interior and exterior wayfinding signage minimize a visitor’ natural confusion when navigating a new and unfamiliar facility. Clear and legible messages must be in the right location and visible to all – regardless of language of physical ability.

Here is a breakdown on the different type of wayfinding signs:

Identification Signs: these signs identify where the reader is, and points out specific landmarks. These types of wayfinding signs include restroom signs, breakrooms, conference rooms, employee office labels, “You Are Here” map, entry and exit signs and specific alerts.

Directional Signs: directional signs are what most people think when they think of wayfinding. These keep people moving toward their final destination. Directional signs may include tenant building signs with suite numbers, loading docks, elevator signage, overhead signs at junctions or exterior signage with arrows.

Informational Signs: these signs are less about moving and more about providing important information. These signs steer clients away from dangerous spaces or provide alerts. Signs such as reserved parking signs, warning signs, wifi availability and more.

Regulatory Signs: regulatory signs inform users of regulations and requirements that are in place. These type of signs include proper PPE, areas containing equipment or chemicals, smoking signs, speed limits and more.

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