Designing Your Way-finding System

Did you know that 80% of customer service organizations use their customer satisfaction scores to gauge customer experience? However, customer satisfaction is not the only indicator of great customer experience. To make sure your business is providing a great experience – it’s important to understand the whole client’s journey and optimize the multiple touch points your brand has with each customer. This is where way-finding signage (directional signs, directories, etc.) play an important role in your marketing and customer retention.

A well-thought out experience can significantly improve brand relationships and impact customer loyalty. To put together your strategy, start by evaluating the customer journey from arrival to where they leave. Analyze any stops and decisions they may need to make – walk their routes and keep these principles in mind:

  1. Establish and identity for each location: you want to make sure your signage provides enough information for each area and that they are distinguishable from each other. It can be more than just nameplates that identifies an area – including directories, wall or floor graphics and more.
  2. Set up landmarks for reference points: these should be memorable and highly visible landmarks that reinforce your brand. Some companies may choose a monument sign to mark the entrance to a location!
  3. Define transit paths: these help customers reach their destination effortlessly. Directional signs from parking lots to buildings or arrow signs to certain hallways are great examples. Defining the path doesn’t mean using too many signs!
  4. Use maps or directory signs: maps are great for park locations or inside of malls while directory signs are perfect for office buildings with multiple businesses or offices.

By improving the navigation at your location, you can enhance your customer experience and reinforce your company’s brand. We have an array of way-finding signs for all applications and budgets. We can also help you with exterior monument signs to mark your property! To get started, contact us today.