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Monument Signs – Business Advertising 

What is a monument sign?

A monument sign is a sign that sits at eye-level and is usually constructed from stone, brick, stucco or foam. They are extremely versatile and sophisticated for any business! 

Here are three main benefits of monuments that enable businesses to successfully advertise their information:

  1. Monuments are extremely versatile. Monuments have two different components – the masonry component and the actual sign component itself. The masonry can feature stone, brick, or stucco depending upon what you are wanting it to look like and a great benefit to this is that you can actually choose to match the architecture of your building! Existing monument signs can be spruced up just by adding a new and simple sign structure to an already existing facade! 
  2. Monument signs don’t have to break the bank! Since there are so many options on constructing the design – it is easy to work within your budget! Their price point and visibility allow them to be the most practical way that visitors can find your location – especially if your building is far from the main road. Monument signs can also be constructed – based on your budget – to be illuminated or non-illuminated. While you’ll definitely achieve more advertising for your money with an illuminated sign that customers can see at night – some zoning restrictions may also limit this addition.
  3. Monument signs are low maintenance! They are simple in design and built with substantial materials that are weather resistant and are not often subject to wind damage. Monuments are the best worry-free branding opportunity! If the monument is illuminated – they are also dressed with energy-efficient LED lighting that is low maintenance and timers that keep your electric bills down low!

Instill a sense of confidence in your clients. Show them that you are substantial, permanent and ready to stay around for the long term!

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