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5 Quick Tips: Designing Yard Signs

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Five Quick Tips: Designing Yard Signs

  1. Font Choice:

Bold, serif, italics – it doesn’t really matter what you choose as long as it is LEGIBLE! Script or thin line font should be left out of the design process. Some quick and easy fonts for design would be: Arial, Myriad, Helvetica, Times New Roman, Tahoma, Verdana and Courier.

  1. Copy & Negative Space:

The less words, the better. Company names, phone numbers are great but if you’re website is not quick and eye-catchy, it is better to leave it off. Addresses and email addresses are not usually visible – nor does a client driving by have time to write it down.

  1. Color:

Use bold colors and stay away from green!! It is important to use contrast, light versus dark, as well as box text versus open text to catch the eye of the most important information on the sign. For political signs it is beneficial to use photographs and images as people are more likely to store that image in their brain and associate it with a name on the ballot.

  1. Directional:

If you’re advertising a place and it happens to be nearby, it’s recommended to include arrows to direct the drivers. Drivers are already accustomed to arrows on the road, and they will have a much easier time of finding your location with a simple arrow than a trying to read a complex address.

  1. Size:

A typical yard sign size is 18” x 24”. That size is large enough to comfortable fit on the h-stakes that are provided and are sturdy enough to upload in most weather! We are also able to use the same yard sign material and create signs that are larger – up to 4’ x 8’ in size. However any larger than the standard size – the signs need to be mounted to wood posts or attached to fencing in order to stay sturdy enough for your advertising needs.

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