How Much Are Car Wraps In The First Place? 

To be honest, it depends on what you are looking for. The following factors contribute to the overall cost.

-Full Wrap or Partial Wrap: the less material that we use – the less you can be expected to pay. Partial wraps can be eye-catchy and just as beneficial as long as they are designed properly & exhibit the nature of your brand

-Graphic Design: touched on slightly above but it is the most important aspect. It must be eye-catching, represent your brand/image and include all pertinent information so that potential clients have what they need at first glance.

-Materials used: Believe it or not, there is a difference in the vinyl used for vehicles. Many of them carry warranties and the better the material the better chances of the graphics staying on long term. At Signarama, we carry industry leaders such as 3M, Avery-Dennison & Arlon. -Size of Vehicle: this coincides with the type of wrap you are wanting and how much of the vehicle we will need to cover to achieve the designed look. For example: wrapping a semi costs significantly more than wrapping a Volkswagen.

Reasons Why Vehicle Wraps Are Worth It: 

  1. Vehicle wraps will bring you more impressions than you can count. The Outdoor Advertising Agency of America states that mobile advertising can be the most effective and efficient form of advertising; one wrap can receive between 30,000-70,000 views per day. This makes the cost per thousand views less than $.50!
  2. Vehicle wraps can last a long time if properly taken care of and can even prevent damage to the vehicle with that extra layer. It can take the occasional rock on the road scratching the surface without showing the wear as much.
  3. Vehicle wraps are easy to duplicate and re-do if needed. Once the graphics are approved – we can keep your design on file for use year after year. If graphics start to peel or lose their shine – we can pull the old files, vinyl colors and more to create that same custom look over again.

From the simplest designs to partial wraps, we can help take your business vehicle or fleet to new heights with our graphics. Our job is helping YOU get noticed! For a quote or additional information contact our office or visit our vehicle graphics page.

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