Purchasing a sign, whether it be for an individual location, or re-branding multiple sites can be overwhelming. While a lot of time and thought goes into creating a quality sign, many businesses spend less time evaluating the company that will produce the signage – which can be a big mistake.

Potential customers looking at your sign will see far more than just your company name. They’ll see a snapshot of your brand a poorly designed or made sign may tell them what they can expect from your product or service. That means you must choose a louisville sign company that can help communicate your message clearly and concisely. Here are some tips to help you select a sign company that will take the job as seriously as you do.


You may know what you want to say, but have no idea how to portray it visually. A good sign company has experienced in-house graphic artists who can create the look and design for your sign.


Will they manufacture your sign themselves or outsource fabrication? This can make a big difference in cost, quality and time. Make sure the sign company you choose can produce your sign in-house, eliminating middle man mark up’s, delays in final delivery and much more.


Can the company you’ve chosen install and service your sign? A reputable sign company will have licensed and insured service technicians and installers. Your sign company should be able to install it safely and securely, and service it in the future if needed.

Customer Service

How prompt was the company in returning your call or inquiry? Did they set up a time to come out and discuss your sign needs in a timely manner? Did they seem knowledgeable or too assertive? Sometimes the initial contact you have with a perspective sign company tells you all you need to know about doing business with that company.

As complicated as it may be to get a quality sign made, it’s always easier to do it right than to undo or reverse the negative effects of poor signage. If you’d like to talk about doing it right the first time, contact us.

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