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Sign Standoffs – Let’s Get Hanging

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First impressions are extremely important for guests, current customers and potential clients. Having a clean look to all the signage within your building shows pride and confidence in your work as well as your brand. While sign standoffs are just a small tool used by most – it’s the details of this tool that make a difference in how your signs look!

What are Standoffs?

Standoffs, sometimes called standoff screws are a hardware option for hanging a rigid sign through drilled holes therefore standoffs can attach your sign to a wall, placing an aesthetically pleasing gap of one inch in between the sign material and the wall. The result: a dramatic and eye-catching display.

Standoffs are extremely durable and come in a multitude of finishes including brushed, chrome, nickel.

Why Use Standoffs?

  • Aesthetically pleasing giving your signs a dimensional look
  • Very few holes into your wall
  • Easy sign change-out – the standoffs can be unscrewed and new signage replaced without drilling new holes
  • Can support the weight of metal, acrylic, PVC and more!
  • Easy install with drywall screws
  • Worry free hanging – no worrying about tape of adhesive!

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