Storefront Signs

You have your business plan, your storefront is in the works and all the details of opening your business or updating your existing business is coming together. Then marketing comes to mind. Whether you believe it or not – business signage, ie storefront signs are one of the main marketing strategies that should be apart of your business plan. You will need to drive consumers to your door. An eye-catchy storefront sign will continue to shine day/night when you aren’t working yourself. If you’re not savvy on signage lingo, purchasing and finding the best sign company to partner with can be a challenge on its own. However – here are some tips on where to begin:

Your Lease:

Your lease for your storefront sign can give you ideas on size, color and type of sign that you can have within your complex. Most leasing agents and landlords are flexible with what is allowed and most do not require a uniform look. They are however, consistent on wanting signage that is pleasing to the eye and that doesn’t look haphazard. If the requirements are not stated within your lease – make sure to confirm with your landlord for approval beforehand!

Choosing A Sign Company:

REFERRALS! Many times, the other companies within your shopping center have already purchased signage and can give you feedback about their buying experience. Additionally, they can be a great reference point for cost and resources that were needed in the design process. If that doesn’t work – search the internet for local sign companies. Social media platforms such as facebook, google reviews, instagram will give you an idea of the work they create. Their website
may also include images of signs that look similar to what you are wanting! Lastly, the local building permit office within your area can point you in the direction of reputable companies that are pulling permits and are registered as vendors!

Selection Process:

After compiling your 1-2 sign companies – you’ll want to know their process. This will help you gauge the experience your getting yourself into.

  • Do they offer free consultations and estimates?
  • What is their lead time for the signage you want?
  • If you don’t have your own logo – do they have in-house designers?
  • Do they install?
  • Do they manufacture your sign in-house or outsource?
  • Warranty on signage?
  • Will they service your sign after the warranty has expired?

The company you choose should be able to help you sort through your ideas and get you on a path to creating a design that reflects what you do, meets the city and state regulations while also keeping the overall budget in mind. With these questions answered – you will be on track to creating a wonderful marketing piece that will last through the life of your business!

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