Manufacturing signs at Signarama Louisville East includes creating many different types of exterior building signs. Whether you are looking for channel letters, dimensional letters, an exterior Dibond sign or an illuminated cabinet sign, we can help your vision become reality. 

What are cabinet signs?

Cabinet Signs are one of the more commonly seen signs used by businesses. They are often hung on the exterior of the building or at the main entrance of businesses. Cabinet signs are normally square or rectangular in shape with an acrylic face that is printed on to fit the needs of your business. Cabinet signs can be are illuminated internally with LED lights. 

Remember that All Cabinet Signs have a Retainer

A retainer is the part of the box that holds your sign face in place. What does this mean for your sign design? There will always be a 1″ – 2″ border around your sign, so if you want to have a designed border around your sign, keep in mind that there already will be one unless you have your cabinet painted to match your sign’s background color. Our advice: Avoid borders 

Create Multiple Layouts For Your Logo

We’ve had customers that want a cabinet sign for their business but their logo is created vertically only. Instead of being able to capture the entire space on the acrylic face – the logo has to be down-sized to fit the dimensions of your cabinet leaving dead/white space on the left and right side of the panel. When creating your logo with your graphics team – make sure to lay out the logo in horizontal landscapes so that you can maximize the size of your logo to ensure your information can be seen from the road! 

Our advice: Create multiple different layouts of your logo when you are first designing or re-branding. 

Know Your Illuminated Cabinet Sign Size

There are many times where we will design a sign for someone based on their measurements only to realize that the sizing was an estimate. This will usually give an end result you weren’t expecting. If the size is correct, then the sign will look the same as you expect. 

Our advice: Call our team to come and get a site survey for accurate measurements.

Understand Printing Limitations

Finally, it’s always important to ask your sign company what their printing limitations are. We are fortunate enough to have a flatbed printer where we can print up to a max of 60 inches wide without needing to seam the sign, but many other companies may only allow 50″. If your sign is larger than the company’s max printing width, you will need to realize there will be a seam, and if your sign’s design doesn’t give an easy place to seam the image, the end result could look less than ideal. 

Our advice: If you have a large sign, make sure you have a place where it can be seamed. 

We are always willing to help you get the perfect sign, and by understanding these tips, it can save you from unexpected results. Stop by our Signarama Louisville East showroom to get your building “sign” up with an illuminated cabinet sign!